“When She Looks at Me”

Just a bit of context on this one: a few years back I spent a Summer on an island. If you’re ever in the market for a vacation spot, look up the Azores. The history is rich, the architecture beautiful, and the people both welcoming and loving. Every day was the perfect combination of cold, ocean breeze and warm, July sun. Sometimes the memories seem more like a dream than reality. At least that was my experience of it.

At any rate, I had the sea on my mind a lot, since it was literally always within eyesight. It really shows in this rare proof of artistic potential:

The tide came in and I was swept undertow, a sea of excitement and wonder swallowing me whole.
I try to fight it, but I’m lost in her zeal for youth; I’m drowning. But just as sudden as the waves crash over me, she looks away.
I’m tossed ashore, and forgotten until the next time the tide comes in. 


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