At some point in time, I realized I would never stop learning. My current season of life inside Academia might one day end (dear God, I hope), but I will never outgrow my need to learn from the things around me. Even more, as I started to glean from the wisdom of those older than me, whose entire academic careers are mere childhood memories, I realized that in about 5 years, I would start understanding just how much I do not know, and if I just got on board with that, I’d be better off.

So here I am, getting on board.

In an earlier version of this blog, I had my posts categorized into three basic types of publishings. I wanted what I was learning separate from my thoughts, and I wanted those separate from moments of emotionality or wandering, where my mind may have been warring with itself of simply a little lost. While the intent was for this blog be to that of a human, the structure really hampered my ability to do just that: be human.

So instead, I’m keeping them together. They may keep the tags that used to separate them, or not; I haven’t decided yet. Hopefully the result will be that you won’t be able to distinguish one section from the next. I don’t want to trap myself with the need to be right before I publish something I might later look back on with embarrassment.

Some entries may contain more data and assessment, whereas others very well may have none at all. In both cases, I pray I do them well, even if I’m wrong in the end. And with God’s grace, the things I’m learning and experiencing may one day help those who read it step with me towards a God who deserves our every thought and every praise.


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